How Will This Work?

prayer-handsThank you for your interest in this project! I am excited about reading the Bible and sharing my thoughts with you. I am also greatly interested in hearing back from you in the comments section below or on Facebook.

You may be wondering exactly how this is going to work. Let me give you some details. Right now, our church is reading through the ESV Daily Devotional New TestamentSince I am currently reading along, that is where I will begin this project as well. So, for the remainder of this calendar year, we will be looking at passages in the New Testament. Starting next year, this will change as I adopt a different reading plan. I have not fully settled on what the reading plan will be yet (if you have suggestions, feel free to comment!), but it will differ from what I am currently doing and will include Old Testament passages.

The layout of each post will include the day’s reading, a short section on understanding what the text is saying, and another short section on how the text can be applied to our lives today. Remember: my plan is to post each weekday (Monday – Friday). The first post will be on Monday, October 9.

I sincerely hope this is beneficial to you and that you will feel free to offer your comments. Be sure to follow this page and/or the Facebook page so you know when new content is added! Also, if you know someone who may like this page, please share it with them!


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