What Is This?

Welcome to Shaped by the Word. This is an idea that I have been considering for a long time, but have only recently decided to take the leap.

What is Shaped by the Word? That is a good question!

Shaped by the Word is a daily (well, almost daily) Bible reading devotional. The posts that you find here will be specifically about what I am reading in the Bible and what I am learning in the process. I invite you to follow along!

I know there are other pages already doing this. I also know that I do not have any greater insight than the other people creating content on those other pages. So, why should you follow me? I do not have any great reasons. Some of you may know me and choose to follow for that reason. Some of you may follow because you have followed my other blog at Theologically Speaking in the past. And some of you may just enjoy reading and interacting with what I write. For whatever reason, I hope you will follow along and offer your thoughts along the way.

It is my intent to have new content each weekday throughout the year. However, please know that I sometimes run into circumstances that will prevent that from happening. So, when I fail, please forgive me and keep checking back!

I am looking forward to reading the Bible with you.


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