I Need Recommendations

Hi all. Thank you for reading this devotional blog. I have been writing at Shaped by the Word since late 2017. When I started, I envisioned a Bible-reading devotional that would be posted every day. This went very well in the beginning. I posted for over 500 days without missing a single day. I still cannot believe I did that!

As most of you are probably aware, I do have other responsibilities. I am a pastor of a rural church in Indiana and I am the father of a family with five young children. I have come to realize that the time needed to post quality devotional material every day is just too great with all of the other demands I have. You have probably noticed the recent struggle I am having to post daily content. So, I am asking for your recommendations.

I really want this page to be helpful to those who read it, so please offer your thoughts. I am thinking of different options on how to cut back on the amount of time I crate and post each week. A few options I am considering are below:

  1. I could post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week
  2. The devotional could be a weekly devotional posted on Sundays to give readers something for the week ahead
  3. I could do something like I mentioned in #2 above, but also post a mid-week devotional on Wednesday
  4. I could find several other writers to contribute, as I have done for the Psalm Saturday series that has been on-going (finding other contributors is not easy)

These are just a few possibilities. I am sure there are others that I have not thought of yet. What do you think? Will this page lose its appeal and usefulness if it is not a daily devotional? What ideas do you have that I could consider? Please share.

Thank you all for reading each day. I truly appreciate your support!



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3 thoughts on “I Need Recommendations

  1. Hi Pastor Tim:
    I believe the first thing you should do, is go to the Lord in prayer, allow His Spirit to guide you what he wants you to do, you do not want to stretch yourself too thin and then be on over drive and not doing the call that He place upon your heart in the first place. God has bless you with a beautiful family, also take time for them and be with them. As pastors we need to discern God’s call upon our hearts and allow His Spirit to lead. When I answered the call that God place upon my heart I also needed to included my husband and my children (my children are older, the youngest is 16 now, two in there twenties) My oldest daughter is chronically ill with rare diseases as well as cancer, so every step I do take and every time I preach I go to God first for his direction. I do hope that this is helpful for you.
    Blessings to you

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