Hasty with Words

Reading the Word

Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.(Proverbs 29:20, ESV)

Understanding and Applying the Word

This verse describes the one who is “hasty in his words.” This is a person who gives no thought about the good or evil done through what he says. He only is concerned with accomplishing a certain goal. It may be to win an argument or prove a point or put someone in their place. The hasty words may accomplish those goals, but it may also do far more damage than that. Hasty words destroy relationships, close ears to the message of the gospel, and drive people away from churches. The offender often hides behind the phrase “but what I said was the truth”, but such a mindset fails to understand that it is not just what is said, but how and when something is said.

The one who is hasty in speaking is worse than a fool. A fool is one who is mistaken about what he thinks he knows, but there is hope for him if he learns the truth. The hasty person, however, knows the truth. They use the truth to get what they want without regard for what is best for others. It is difficult to change the person who is quick to speak and slow to hear. It is no wonder that the Book of James warns us about the power of the tongue (James 3:6-9).

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