Today’s post is part of our Psalm Saturdays series from guest blogger Robert Chamberlain. You can read his archives at www.roberlain.wordpress.com .

Psalm 133:1–3 (ESV)
1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!
2 It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on the beard, on the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes!
3 It is like the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion! For there the LORD has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.

Unity is great, especially in families, which in an ideal world are united. But it’s not unity at any cost. There was no unity between brothers Aaron and Moses when the former made an idol in rebellion against the one true God.

But when Aaron repented and became the high priest of the old covenant, unity was restored. As fragrant oil ran down his head onto the collar of his robes, so unity infuses a beautiful fragrance upon those it blesses. It’s like when Jesus, the great high priest of the new covenant, was anointed by the woman at Bethany.

Another image of unity is of the dew of Hermon. Just as dew refreshes the ground, so God refreshes us when we dwell together in the unity of the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus. Jesus unites a diverse multitude in worship of Him.

It’s in the heavenly city that the blessing of unity is seen most clearly. There we see people of every tribe, language and nation united in worship of the Lord. When the saints go marching in, I want to be in that number!

“Heavenly Father, we praise You for the unity there is through faith in Christ. May Your Spirit unite us all in His praise, now and forever, amen.”

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