The Rebuke of a Friend

Reading the Word

Better is open rebuke than hidden love.(Proverbs 27:5, ESV)

Understanding and Applying the Word

How is rebuke better than hidden love? They both seem like bad things, but I would much rather not be rebuked. This proverb becomes clearer when we realize that it speaks of the rebuke of someone who is our friend. We often do not think of it this way, but real love wants what is best for the other person and sometimes that means confronting wrongs and seeking to correct them. This is the meaning of rebuke. It is a good thing when our friends love us enough to confront us when we need it. It is much better than hidden love that ignores us and our failures and allows us to continue in our destructive ways.

The next time someone close to you wants to talk about something going on in your life because they think you have gotten off-track, instead of becoming angry and defensive, remember that they love you and want what is best for you. Consider their words. They just might see something that you have failed to see.

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