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First: Thank you for reading Shaped by the Word each and every day. I am happy that you take the time to read my short postings about God’s word. I hope they are beneficial to you. I know that I enjoy writing them and doing so helps me to think more about what I am reading.

Second: I would appreciate any feedback or ideas that could help make Shaped by the Word better. Are the posts too long? Would you rather see longer, more detailed posts? Are there certain books of the Bible or topics that you want me to cover? Something else? Let me know. I will take all of your suggestions seriously because I want this to be a place where we read the Bible together and learn from one another.

Third: I always envisioned this as a place where more commenting and discussion would take place an we would learn from one another, but that has not really happened. I have probably failed at encouraging comments and discussion. How can I do better at this?

Feel free to write your ideas in the comments or send me a message directly at . Thanks again. I look forward to reading the Scriptures with you in 2020!

5 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

      1. You can use general tags like faith, God, Christian, faith blogger, Bible, and other tags addressing the content of your blog post.
        I didn’t get much engagement on my blog until I started using at least 9 tags on each blogpost and interacting with other bloggers as often as possible.

        You write quality posts and I enjoy reading your blog posts in my email. Stay blessed.


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