My Comfort in Affliction

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Reading the Word

Psalm 119:49–56 (ESV)

49 Remember your word to your servant, in which you have made me hope. 50 This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. 51 The insolent utterly deride me, but I do not turn away from your law. 52 When I think of your rules from of old, I take comfort, O Lord. 53 Hot indignation seizes me because of the wicked, who forsake your law. 54 Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my sojourning. 55 I remember your name in the night, O Lord, and keep your law. 56 This blessing has fallen to me, that I have kept your precepts.

Understanding and Applying the Word

Going through difficult circumstances is not easy for anyone. It can bring stress, worry, fear, and a host of other emotions that we would rather not experience. Such circumstances can be even more difficult if they are caused or made worse by others who purposely wish to harm us. This is the situation with the psalmist in these verses. His is under attack from others who seek his harm.

Even though he is under attack, the psalmist remains hopeful. Why? Because he trusts in the word of God. He believes that God will be faithful to do what he has promised to do. The word of God brings the psalmist hope, life, comfort, and singing in the midst of difficulty. We too can face our circumstances in the same way. We too can trust in God’s word, knowing he will fulfill his promises to his people. When we do this, we are prepared to face whatever life may send our way and we can do so with hope.

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