Hear This, All Peoples!


Reading the Word

Psalm 49:1–4 (ESV)

1 Hear this, all peoples! Give ear, all inhabitants of the world, 2 both low and high, rich and poor together! 3 My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding. 4 I will incline my ear to a proverb; I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre.

Understanding and Applying the Word

This psalm is addressed to all people. Why? Because we are all alike in one very important way: our humanness. It does not matter where we are from. It does not matter what social class we belong to. We have commonality.

We live in a world that likes to divide itself into groups. We have groups based on nationality. We have groups based on language. We have groups based on skin color. We have groups based on age, income, gender, education, etc. Yet, a biblical worldview reminds us that we are all human and created by God. We may have minor differences, but at the core we are alike. Let us not think of ourselves as superior to others, but let us live as the people God created us to be.

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