He Trains My Hands


Reading the Word

Psalm 18:34–45 (ESV)

34 He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. 35 You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great. 36 You gave a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip. 37 I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and did not turn back till they were consumed. 38 I thrust them through, so that they were not able to rise; they fell under my feet. 39 For you equipped me with strength for the battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me. 40 You made my enemies turn their backs to me, and those who hated me I destroyed. 41 They cried for help, but there was none to save; they cried to the Lord, but he did not answer them. 42 I beat them fine as dust before the wind; I cast them out like the mire of the streets. 43 You delivered me from strife with the people; you made me the head of the nations; people whom I had not known served me. 44 As soon as they heard of me they obeyed me; foreigners came cringing to me. 45 Foreigners lost heart and came trembling out of their fortresses.

Understanding and Applying the Word

David now looks at his accomplishments in defeating his enemies. He describes how he destroyed them and beat them as fine as dust in the wind. It was a complete victory! David was a great and powerful king and had great success on the battlefield. It would have been easy for him to think highly of himself.

Notice David’s focus. He points to God as the source of his success. God trained him, supported him, and made him great. It was God who gave David strength for the battle and made David’s enemies flee from before him. And it was God who had made David the head of nations. Rather than focus on himself and his greatness, David focuses on the greatness of God.

Becoming self-focused and self-centered is a danger we all face. We can easily begin to take the credit for everything we have been able to accomplish without giving the credit to God who has gifted us, trained us, and shown his grace towards us. May we always seek to give him the glory in all things.

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