Feeling Crushed


Reading the Word

Psalm 38:1–8 (ESV)

1 O Lord, rebuke me not in your anger, nor discipline me in your wrath! 2 For your arrows have sunk into me, and your hand has come down on me. 3 There is no soundness in my flesh because of your indignation; there is no health in my bones because of my sin. 4 For my iniquities have gone over my head; like a heavy burden, they are too heavy for me. 5 My wounds stink and fester because of my foolishness, 6 I am utterly bowed down and prostrate; all the day I go about mourning. 7 For my sides are filled with burning, and there is no soundness in my flesh. 8 I am feeble and crushed; I groan because of the tumult of my heart.

Understanding and Applying the Word

Sin is a serious matter. It can cause many problems in our lives. It can harm or destroy relationships. It can get us into legal problems. It can even cause illness and physical issues. This is the case in Psalm 38.

As a result of sin, David is sick. He states, “There is no soundness in my flesh…there is no health in my bones.” He also mentions his feeling of guilt and describes it as a great burden that is too heavy for him. So he is left crushed under the weight of his sin.

There is good news for David and for us. God forgives sinners. In fact, this is the very message that is central to the entire Bible. We have all sinned and are crushed under the weight of our sin, but God loves us and has sent his Son into the world as a sacrifice for sin. He took the weight of our sin upon himself and let us go free. When we realize our need for salvation and trust in the sacrifice of Christ, our sins are forgiven and we are set free from our burden. What a gracious God!

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